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You can order by the Person/sandwich or by the Pound

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Minimum order is $250.00

Need 3 Day advance notice.


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The fine Print.  All weights are approximate.  Please let us know if you have any food allergies before ordering.  All foods are cooked to recommended safe temperatures. Prices are subject to availability and market changes.

We own and operate a Commercial Kitchen Commissary and have a variety of Chefs on hand.  This means while Reel Pit BBQ is famous for our BBQ; RPC Foods, and Kelly’s Cuisine are famous for all types of fair from Italian, American, Cuban, Asian, even Moroccan dishes. Just like Reel Pit BBQ these caterer’s offer everything from boxed lunch service to large weddings, fundraisers, and corporate events.  We do ask for more notice since we book major events up to a year out. While our largest events have been around 1500 for a single seating and 10000 for a weekend, we are always up to a challenge and work as a team to meet your needs.  All of our caters are fully licensed and insured.

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All sandwiches come with just the meat and a bun.  We want you to be able to make your own combo so all our sides are sold separately.  We don’t use sauces on the meat with one exception, pulled chicken.  We want you to taste the flavors slow cooking with real wood can bring out.  Then you can select one of our sauces if you like to compliment the flavor you are looking for.

Pulled Pork / 8.00
The Pork is slow cooked with our own rub until it is fall apart tender and moist.

Brisket / 9.00
Cooked more like a Texas Style.  This is a prime custom cut of Angus Beef slow cooked for up to 14 hours to get just the right flavors.  This will melt in your mouth.

Potato Explosion / 8.00 with Pork / 9.00 with Brisket
This is our fan favorite at events. It is made with a large baked potato topped with your choice of meat then a mix of shredded cheese melted on top.  Add your favorite BBQ sauce or great without.

Carved Turkey / 8.00 Sliced or sandwich 12.00 / pound
This is roasted/smoked Turkey Breast Carved and served alone or on a bun.  We use a large turkey breast with skin on to get all the flavor and cook over red oak in the smoker.  We alternate between our chicken dishes and turkey so check which is available.

Chicken   ½ 10.00, ¼ 5.00, Pulled 7.00
12.00 /pound
We have smoked chicken halves, quarters, or our pulled chicken which is made with light and dark smoked meat pulled down and topped with a classic BBQ sauce. We alternate between our different chicken dishes and turkey so check which is available.


Select one Meat (from Pulled Pork, Chicken, Ribs, or Brisket and two sides plus a bun or roll for 10.00/person Minimum Order $250.00.

Sauces are 4.00 for a Squeeze bottle to go choose from Carolina Gold, Sweet, Classic, or  5.00 for Hot.

Select two Meats and two sides plus bun or roll for 13.00 /person Minimum order $250.00 These are local drop off or pick up prices.  We do offer full service and delivery out of area for additional fees. 

Cole Slaw 
We mix the slaw fresh so it is just the right blend of sweet and has a hint of lemon.  Not too sweet and not vinegary.

Potato Salad 
I would love to say this is my recipe but it’s not.  It is my favorite.  Made from redskin potatoes and onions in a sweet and creamy mayonnaise dressing. 

Baked Beans
These are good old fashioned Baked Beans allowed to slow cook on the smoker to add even more flavor.

Macaroni and Cheese
Cooked in house with Sharp Cheddar Cheese sauce and topped with a mix of cheeses we can add bacon
Collard Greens, Southwest Corn  Green Beans Spring Mix Salad Macaroni Salad

Approximate Serving sizes

Half Pan serves  15-25 for $29.00
Full pan serves  30-50 for $55.00
This is just a few of our sides the list is too long to fit here

Brisket / 14.00/pound
Prime Slow Cooked Custom cuts of Angus Beef.  Sliced or not, your choice A Whole Brisket ranges from 15 to 25 pounds.  A pound makes  3-4 servings.

Pulled Pork / 10.00/pound
Our signature slow cooked fall apart tender Pulled Pork. No sauce hiding the flavor.  It should make 3 to 4 servings.  Big eaters like me it makes two servings.

St. Louis Ribs 3/Ribs 7.00 /Half Rack 15.00 Full Rack  20.00
Baby Back Ribs / 3 Ribs 7.00
½ Rack 15.00 Full Rack 20.00

These ribs are dry rubbed and fall of the bone good.  We top them off with a hint of brown sugar and a secret ingredient.  Took second place in Atlanta for the Southeast.  We felt they should have one first.

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