We will have Smoked Turkeys, Turkey Breasts, Spiral Hams, Carving Hams, Prime Rib and All the Sides. 

12-14 Pound Turkey,  Serves 8-10 Gravy Included.
Hams , approximately 9.5-pound Spiral Ham or a larger Carving Ham.  Aujus included.

Carved Smoked Turkey breast, or mixed dark and light meat (3-5 pounds on the breasts) .  One pound is about 3 servings. 
Prime Rib is sold in 5, 10, and 15 pound roasts 

               Thanks for ordering a holiday meal from 
                                 Reel Pit Bar B Que. 

To reheat the turkey, they recommend you reheat it at 325 degrees for approximately 6-8 minutes per pound.  Most of the turkeys are around 12-14 pounds the large turkeys are 14-17 lbs.  There is turkey drippings or juice in each pan and we doubled the pans to support the weight but be careful not to spill.  You can heat the turkeys in the pan with the juice and it will keep them moist.  Towards the end, you can uncover and spoon over the juice.  Dept. of health recommends all poultry be reheated to 165 degrees.
The ham is glazed and can also be warmed to 145 in an oven at 325 degrees or served cold. 
The Prime Rib is cooked to medium to medium rare and per BPR needs to be reheated to 135 degrees and held there for 36 minutes. 
The gravy can be warmed up on the stovetop or in the microwave.  I don’t recommend using the clear container, while it is microwave safe it gets very soft and can spill. Heat to 165 degrees. 
The safe recommendation for chilling items is to get them from 135 to 70 in two hours and then to 41 degrees within six hours. 
Thanks again, and from our families to yours Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Have a Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year! 

PROUDLY SERVING the best Slow smoked MEATs

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Choice of Sides are Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Potato casserole, Green Beans, Baked Beans, Collard Greens, or Cole Slaw 
 a half pan (serves 10-15) and  a full pan (Serves 20-30). 
30 servings of sweet cornbread in a round covered serving container 
Smoked Macaroni and Cheese with or without Bacon is $40.00 for  a half pan (approximately 6 pounds) for a full pan 
(approximately 12 pounds). 
Gravy, and Aujus is per quart.  
We have all of your favorites Brisket, Pulled 
Pork, Ribs and more.  Ribs per rack, Pork per pound,
and Brisket 
We will be posting some additional options on face book as we go along. Supplies are limited so order early.  

Holiday Menu 2023
Thanks for ordering a holiday meal from Reel Pit Bar B Que.

All prices and quanaties are based on market availabilty.  Had to add that line this year.